Hi Administrators

I am having a problem with my Zimbra installations since i once logged in over SSH and opened epiphany-webbrowser.
The Server ist running on Ubuntu 8.04 and i didn't have problems 'till now.
Somehow this opening of epiphany over ssh with X Server Forwarding to my laptop changed my locale configuration on this server.
When i opened epiphany it told me that it have fallen back to C default locale.
From then on i allways was informed that there is a locale problem with the machine, every time i switched from root user to zimbra user.
I managed to fix that by setting LC_ALL to en_US.UTF-8, so now the message doesn't show up, but zimbra's Mailbox won't start because mysql.server couldn't get started. When starting the services with zmcontrol start/restart no error message is shown, but after i can't get to the webinterfaces of zimbra (neither admin nor webmail) and run zmcontrol status it shows me Mailbox is not running, because mysql.server is not running, and sometimes stats also isn't showing as running. My /store directory is a mounted external hdd, i allready tried zmfixperms and all other stuff i found in the forums but can't solve the problem for now. What i also noticed is that the file mysql.sock in /opt/zimbra/db/ is not existent anymore.
Could you please help me? i'm allready not getting e-mails since 1 Week in which i try to solve the problem.

Best Regards,