I recently got tasked with upgrading a very out of date server. It is currently running Release 6.0.10_GA_2692.DEBIAN5 DEBIANUNKNOWN FOSS edition. The intention is to get to CentOS 6 and 8.0.5. I have read a lot of the release notes and the various instructions regarding things like 32-64 bit. My main question is:

Can you upgrade 5.0.21 all the way to 7.1.2 or 7.2.6 in one fell swoop or does it need to be done somewhat incrementally. eg 5.0.21 to 6.0.16(as suggested by release notes) and then to the 7.x.x series. The release notes sort of imply the former case but they also stop mentioning 5.x.x as of, I believe, 7.2.0.

I wasn't sure if this was done because it's not an option or for the sake of brevity.

I realize this is the FOSS edition and no support is implied, guaranteed, available, etc. Any clarification will be appreciated.