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Thread: Problem connecting remotely

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    Default Problem connecting remotely

    I have a new Centos 4.4 installation running ZCS 4.5.1. Everything works well on the local network, but I am unable to connect remotely.

    This is not specifically a ZCS problem. I can't ssh or telnet to the box from outside the network.

    I do have the appropriate ports forwarded from my router to the Zimbra box, and I have ensured that SELINUX is disabled and that no local firewall is running (verified by nmap).

    Also, this is not a general problem with my network. I'm able to connect to other machines remotely (e.g., I can ssh to Debian box I'm running and to a MS Terminal Server).

    Any ideas on where I should look next?

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    Is it likely that your ISP is blocking ports or there's another firewall somewhere?


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