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Thread: Proper timezone is not displayed, Calendar keeps asking for default timezone.

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    Default Proper timezone is not displayed, Calendar keeps asking for default timezone.

    I have recently installed ZCS 8.0.6 open source version. Everything is working fine however I have an problem with the Calendar.

    1. The Calendar always asks to confirm the timezone even after it has been setup.

    2. ZCS does not provide the option of selecting our timezone with is the NPT (GMT +5:45) even though the time zone is show in ZCS wiki in Known Time Zones for zimbraPrefTimeZoneId as (GMT+05.45) Kathmandu. This setting however in available /opt/zimbra/conf/timezones.ics but it doesn't display in the calendar timezone.

    Snapshots are attached.

    Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.
    Default timezone request.gif
    NPT unavailable.gif

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    Thank you for raising this issue. I have submitted a bug to track it in our Bugzilla system - see Bug 85450 ? Asia/Katmandu timezone is not recognized by ZWC

    Gren Elliot
    Lead Engineer - Server
    Zimbra | Community & Collaboration

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