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Thread: Domain name and MTA general settings

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    Default Domain name and MTA general settings

    Hi, I have finally installed the latest Zimbra version (zcs-8.0.6_GA_5922.RHEL6_64.20131203103705.tgz)! Have a few questions hopefully you fellow admins can give me some pointers or clarifications....

    #### Sorry I thought I have posted this earlier but can't find it in the forum. If it's a duplicate please delete. Thanks.

    Domain Name
    - Upon logging into the Admin Console (ie https://<zimbra ip>:7071/zimbraAdmin/), I'm seeing the hostname on which Zimbra was installed on being taken as the domain name. For example, I already have Postfix / Dovecot setup on and I installed Zimbra on as a test. These are what I'm seeing:
    Manage -> Accounts

    Manage -> Aliases

    Configure -> Domains

    Configure -> Servers

    Configure -> Global Settings -> General Information
    Default domain:

    All mails from all system users sent to one admin account for the whole domain
    This is more of a what's the best way to do this in general but if I have a few servers in my domain and I want each of them to be able to send admin mails to one account (ie managed by Zimbra, what do I need to do? On each of my server now, I need to use the "mail" command to check mails individually listed in the /var/spool/mail/root. The type of mails I'm seeing are generated by Logwatch daily. On one of the boxes I have updated the /etc/aliases file followed by running the newaliases command to re-direct the mails from all accounts to one user, which I then download via POP into my mail client. But I haven't done this for the rest of the servers. How do you do this for your servers? Is there a more elegant / better way to do this?

    MTA Settings
    Under Configure -> MTA -> Network, I'm seeing a few settings here but am still not very clear what to do with them.
    Web mail MTA Host name
    Is this for delivering local mail only (ie not for external mails)?

    Relay MTA for external delivery
    My understanding after reading the doc is that if my ISP doesn't force me to relay outgoing mails through them, and I have enabled DNS lookup, I can leave this blank?

    Inbound SMTP host name
    Sorry I know this is explained as "If your MX records point to a spam-relay or any other external non-Zimbra server, enter the name of that server in the Inbound SMTP host name field." but I'm not following. Can someone provide an example?

    MTA Trusted Networks
    The admin doc says "To set up MTA trusted networks on a per server basis, make sure that MTA trusted networks have been set up as global settings and then go the Configure > Servers > MTA page and in the MTA Trusted Networks field enter the trusted network addresses for the server." However I see out of the box it has default networks setup for the server whereas on a global level it's blank. Does this mean there is a bug with the install software and I have to copy the setting from the server to the global setting?

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    Just want to update. Found the following article.
    Setting a default domain name - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I have executed the following command.
    zmprov mcf zimbraDefaultDomainName
    And I can see the domain name changed under Configure -> Global Settings -> General Information. However everywhere else remains the same with the hostname attached. Can someone really shed some light on this? Thanks.

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    Hi, fixed the domain name issue now. It appears this has been reported before. Guess this is a bug?
    Anyway I followed instructions from the following articles.

    The command I used was.
    ./zmprov -l renameDomain <old incorrect domain name> <new domain name>
    However a moderator, mmorse, also suggested the following.
    Afterwards correct things like the spam/ham etc if that was your only domain and the accounts got renamed:
    zmprov md zimbraAttributeToChange newvalue
    I haven't executed this yet. I don't know what it is that it does and the following help also doesn't really explain what it does. Can someone please elaborate?
    ./zmprov help commands | grep md
      modifyDataSource(mds) {name@domain|id} {ds-name|ds-id} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]
      modifyDistributionList(mdl) {list@domain|id} attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]
      modifyDomain(md) {domain|id} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]
      modifyDomainSMIMEConfig(mdsc) name|id configName [attr2 value2...]]

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