So I discovered that I cannot rebuild a failed RAID 1 array that houses my 'store'. This server and installation was here before I got here and it looks like the drives aren't the greatest and they are utilizing an onboard RAID controller. At any rate, any rebuild attempts fail and the drive that is alive seems so be accumulating more and more bad sectors. I'm hopefull that I will be able to export the necessary data when the time comes... which brings me to my question. I have fresh 'enterprise' grade hardware that I have installed Ubuntu server 12.04 64 LTS on and subsequently attempted the 8.0.6 install. The problem is that I am running into a license question in order to complete the install. Can it simply be exported from my existing 6.0.4 server? Do I need to contact Zimbra??? I'm kinda lost here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.