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Thread: zmmailbox backup and restore

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    Default zmmailbox backup and restore

    I have my old server (Community 7.1.1 64) issue running now after a couple of day delay and my new server (Community 8.06 64) has been running for a couple of days now. I have setup the accounts manually on the new server and it has been receiving mail during that time.
    I am backing up mailboxes one by one using...
    zmmailbox -z -m user@domain getRestURL "//?fmt=tgz" > /backup/user@domain.tgz (seems to be working)
    However when I transfer the tgz files to the new server and use...
    zmmailbox -z -m postRestURL '//?ftp=tgz&resolv=reset' /backup/ it seems to be working as well BUT when I go into the mailbox, I only see mail from the past couple of days...

    My question is twofold... 1) does anyone know why this would NOT work (is there a delay ??) and 2) if I get it working, will option 'reset' delete my current messages ?? OR, should I use 'skip' ?


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    Why don't you take the easy route and use ZeXtras?


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    Thanks Bill...
    I've browsed it and it looks good... My old server while it appears to be running in fact has the Red 'X" through EVERY service and will NOT send or accept new mail.
    I CAN browse and backup accounts so I'm a little paranoid about touching anything new right now.
    Are you telling me however that what I have done will not work ?? I Used this method before at it worked fine...

    Oh, by the way... How to I mark my old problems as SOLVED ???


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