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Thread: Looking for the backup and delete

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    Default Looking for the backup and delete

    We are using Zimbra from last two weeks and its a great email software
    .However we are keen to learn lot of things and have stuck somewhere .We are
    looking for below two things ,
    1. Is this possible if the user should not have the delete option and user
    can t delete the emails ?
    2. Backup is our main requirement and is there any utility or any other help
    if you can do for us for the email backup that would be great .

    Looking for your prompt reply . Thanks

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    I'm not sure preventing users from deleting is the best option. Implementing Zimbra's "Archive & Discovery" module might be a better option, depending on your situation (and number of users). Alternatively, you can look at the "Dumpster" option (messages removed from trash/spam are placed there) but I'm not sure if you can prevent users from deleting there.

    For backup, if you're not using the Network Edition, I've heard Zextras Backup recommended by many (BACKUP module for your Zimbra server | ZeXtras Suite). I use the built-in backup in the network edition so cannot speak to Zextras myself but there are many forum posts about it.
    Paul Chauvet
    State University of New York at New Paltz

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    +1 on using ZeXtras suite ZxBackup for the Community/Open Source edition. It works quite well.

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