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Thread: Problem with folders created on webmail

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    Default Problem with folders created on webmail

    Hello friends

    I have the following problem. I did the installation of a new Zimbra server and I'm using the very last.

    I did the installation and configuration of server without problems but now that I'm migrating accounts with the problem created folders.

    A user who has a folder created by it is not working.

    Even if I create a new user without backup when I create folders in webmail clients they do not appear in the email.

    Curious fact that if you create a folder in Thunderbird or Outlook it appears in webmail. Have to webmail clients do not.

    All accounts are configured with IMAP and did testing with clients from various email.

    Has anyone had this problem?

    I hope helps

    Sorry for my english

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    IMAP requires folders to be subscribed. When an IMAP client (such as Thunderbird or Outlook) create folders, since they are IMAP clients they are automatically set as subscribed. Look up how to subscribe folders via the IMAP client of your choice. Some clients have an option to show all folders, not just subscribed folders.
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    I ran into this same issue using Outlook 2010/IMAP. When a new folder was created via the web interface it would not show up in Outlook. A simple query for the folders revealed it and allowed me to subscribe. I think if you are using the ZCS connector for Outlook you don't have to worry about this but you'd have to be running ZCS Network edition to have access to the connector.

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