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Thread: Internal error 500

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    Unhappy Internal error 500

    I am totally new with zimbra, last day i try installed on my vps [openvz] 1gb ram with centos 6 64bit for testing zimbra, after lot of hours work and reading on this forum finally i got my zimbra installed and working to sent or recieved email. It was amazing, the only problem i got is, sometimes i got ERROR 500, Internal server error messeges when open web client or administration page. I am little bit confuse how to trace the problem, if i restart the zimbra service again..all looks normal and working again like first time i installed.

    Anybody can help me, what can caused an error 500 on zimbra box? thanks before..

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    Quote Originally Posted by komvis View Post
    IAnybody can help me, what can caused an error 500 on zimbra box? thanks before..
    Please read the System Requirements documentation, specifically the minimum RAM requirements.


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