A long time now we are trying so find a solution to edit gal sync contacts.

Our GAL must have:

- all contacts of our domain
- all distribution lists
- external contacts

What we want to do:

- all members of our domain must be able to read GAL contacts
- some members (only 3-4) must be able to edit GAL contacts (but these members are not domain admins and don't have access to the admin gui)
- we are using additional fields on contacts like grade (we are a voluntary fire department)
- all members of our domain should be able to find contacts using microsoft exchange connection on their smartphone

We tried a lot to find the right solution, but problems come and go.

Actually we tried the following steps:

created galsync@ourdomain.de
shared the address book "_InternalGAL" of galsync@ourdomain.de with all members
some members got writing permission
disabled the parameter "shown in gal" on all contacts and added all domain members manually to the adress book

Our problem now is, that distribution lists aren't listed in the adress book / GAL and external contacts cannot be found on smartphones.

Maybe there is an easy way to solve our problems. Thanks for helping!