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Thread: Internal E-mails Do Not Register in External Secondary IMAP E-mail

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    Default Internal E-mails Do Not Register in External Secondary IMAP E-mail

    First of all thank you in advance for reading and answering this post.

    I am relatively inexperienced and have installed the Zimbra Open Source edition on a virtual private server. There were huge problems with the RAM issues but I solved them with the help of this forum over the weeks.

    I have a problem.

    1 I have configured the users so that they have a secondary e-mail account. In this case and I use and external e-mail host with imap so it looks like this
    2 I have set up an additional domain called in Zimbra
    3 I have set up aliases on the domain e.g.
    4 I have set up the webclient so that when e-mails are sent it uses the alias (eg instead of

    Everything works except this...

    1 When I send e-mails between Zimbra accounts ...for example to then they show up in primary account
    2 They do not go 'outside of the box' and show up on the imap account (secondary account).

    I need them to show up on the imap account as the management requires all e-mails to be recorded in one place.


    1 Please point me in the right direction - there are a lot of settings in the admin panel (eg domain,server etc) or is it a command line thing?

    2 If you have a full on solution then good karma will shine its light on you

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    Your configuration is a bit complicated and I may be misunderstanding what you need to do but you can set an external MTA instead of localhost for

    Is this what you need? If not a better description of your server setup would probably help solve your problem.

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