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Thread: Licensing for Archive Mailbox.

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    Default Licensing for Archive Mailbox.


    I newly explored archiving option with Zimbra. I Could see it creates two Mailboxes one native and other archive Mail Box. I tried to go through the license information but could not get any details on it.

    Please help me understanding the licensing part for the Archiving options by answering the below queries:-

    1. In case an Archive Mailbox is created, both the mailboxes i.e. native and archive mailboxes are licensed, keeping in mind I use Professional Edition or above.
    2. Do we have any such options for enabling deduplication on the mails. If yes, is there any license for it.

    Thanks in Advance....

    Pravesh Upadhyay

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    About the archive, this is true (two licences counted).
    Ask your sales person about "fixing it".

    There's no option to enable deduplication, it's enabled (and can not be disabled): read the wiki/documentation about SIS (Single Instance Storage).
    There's now a tool to force deduplication after mass import (zmdedupe).

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