I have spent the past few hours battling with mod_jk, Apache and Tomcat. Basically, I want to stop Tomcat servering on Port 80 (removing the iptables rule) and enabling Apache to server Zimbra on http://domain.com/zimba. I am happy to keep the Admin on 7071. Anyway, what I need to know is:

a.) What is the command to remove that single rule from iptables? I can't find it anywhere. I have adjusted zmiptables to use a different port and then ran with -i but it doesn't remove it

b.) Where is the workers.properties?(needed for mod_jk.conf)

c.) What is the worker name used by Tomcat (needed for mod_jk.conf)

I have gained a lot from using other tutorials on the forums but it does not answer these. A working mod_jk.conf would also be great!