Zimbra is at version 8.0.6 Open Source over an Ubuntu 12.04 machine. It is not a fresh install, it is has been working (and migrated to each new version) since Zimbra 6. This happens with any thick mail client or with the zimbra web client (the only one we use).

Since first installation, it was never been able to forward/reply to any message that has an embedded picture while preserving that picture. If I follow the link of the image, something like this comes up in the browser.


Problem accessing /service/home/~/. Reason:

se debe autenticar (which means that authentication must be done)
Powered by Jetty://"

If I inspect the element, this is what I see (domain is masquered to protect my customer):
<img dfsrc="https://xxxx.xxxx.com/service/home/~/?auth=co&amp;id=411474&amp;part=2.2" src="https://xxxx.xxxx.com/service/home/~/?auth=co&amp;id=411474&amp;part=2.2">

So far I:
- Tried changing some attributes COS functions configurations
- Tried changing the web mode to "both" instead of "https"
- Raised the log level to debug but nothing showed up that called my attention
- Deployed a new Zimbra 8.0.6 OpenSource server that worked perfectly, so I could compare the results of "zmlocalconfig", "zmprov gs" and "zmprov gd". No configuration called my attention after comparing them using "meld"
- Obviously, googling and forum search but with no luck. Although I found a post in which this problem is described as a bug (Forwarding emails with embedded pictures) which is already fixed. And then found other posts/forums but they mostly talked about this sort of problem, related to thunderbird only (which is not my case as I use Zimbra web client)
- Stopped services and ran as root "zmfixperms -e"

Please, any help to diagnose/solve this issue is more than welcome.