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    Default Greylist / PolicyD

    Hi there,

    so I would like the PolicyD to be able to judge by either the "non-forged" from email address or the "non-forged" helo-hostname as to if the greylisting shall apply, or not.
    Currently I have done a SPF check on,,,,,,,,,*— and as you can imagine, those alone represent almost half the IP addresses available on the internet (a slight exaggeration)*— but my point is that now, when an e-mail enter, it has to search through a VAST list of IP addresses that are to be whitelisted.

    Postgrey, can whitelist…

    …whereas policyd requires the equivialent, e.g… 690 IN TXT "spf2.0/pra mx ~all" 690 IN TXT "v=spf1 mx ip4: ~all"

    …but that requires from the administrator to look up the IP addresses for each and every one of these includes, and that is not only time consuming but also tiresome.

    Perhaps a good idea.
    Just food for thoughts.

    Best wishes and thank you for an excellent product!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mafiabusiness View Post
    Perhaps a good idea.
    Same answer as your other enhancement suggestion.


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