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Thread: Zimbra sends disk warning notifications to incorrect e-mail address

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    Default Zimbra sends disk warning notifications to incorrect e-mail address

    I had Zimbra 8.0.1 and did configure to send few notifications to an email support@domain.

    Month ago we upgraded Zimbra to 8.0.6 (with few problems ... I was forced to install fresh 8.0.6 application files only, and then move backup).

    Everything works fine, except - mail notification still sends me free space warnings to incorrect e-mail address.

    I have changed it to status@domain with
    zmlocalconfig -e smtp_destination=status@domain
    but it did not helped (and Yes, I did restart services and even the server itself).

    Today I found, that I have file /opt/zimbra/conf/swatchrc - and it has hardcoded my old e-mail address.
    File permissions are correct - zimbra:zimbra

    Can I change this e-mail and it will be safe, or it will be overwritten by e.g.?
    Release 8.0.1.GA.5438.UBUNTU12.64 UBUNTU12_64 FOSS edition.

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    Hi arnisraido,

    this is bug 85113, will be fixed in 8.0.7. Just edit your swatchrc and everything will be fine.

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