Running ZCS 7.2.6 OpenSource on RHEL 6.5 64 bit. Multiserver Env: Each service has its own dedicated server (LDAP, Mailbox, MTA, Proxy).
Zimbra version: zcs-7.2.6_GA_2926.RHEL6_64.20131203115858

I am not very sure if this bug is closed or still open. I am running all servers in https mode and when I hit change password, its trying to make connection using http & hence getting "page not found" error on browser. More over if I use the Std HTML instead of AJAX, the "change Password" link directly points to the mailbox server instead of going thro proxy. Here again, the connection is still http, instead of https.

Can someone throw some light on this? Should we re-open the bug?

BTW the work around I have for this issue is:

1. On the http proxy server change the webserver mode from https to redirect
2. restart zimbra services and you are good to go.

Any help comments are highly appreciate.

Thanks and Regards