Hi all,

I have a big challenge that I need your help with.

I have recently joined a company that is running Zimbra 5 on CentOS 4.5 with roughly 200 accounts. These are mostly IMAP accounts that vary in size anywhere from 100MB - 9GB. I am mostly a microsoft guy and definitely a newbie in Linux and Zimbra environments. I have to admit that since using Zimbra, I absolutely love it and think it has a lot to offer and is a good substitute for Exchange.

I recently migrated a server from Zimbra 7 to 8 by using a combination of the migration wizard for transferring the user accounts as well as the Export/Import function to transfer the actual IMAP mailboxes from the old to the new server. Keep in mind that both servers were on the same LAN.

In the case of the 5 to 8 upgrade which is my current challenge and the reason I am writing this post, I not only have a version gap challenge, but also the server running Zimbra 5 is in a physically different location. My plan is to install Zimbra 8 on CentOS 6.5 at my location and then migrate the users and their emails over from the remote location over to Zimbra 8.

Again, I am fairly new to the Zimbra and Linux environments and would appreciate a really detailed and step-by-step instructions that would help me accomplish this. You can assume that I have access to the physical server running Zimbra 5 and can save everything onto an external hard drive. You can also assume that I can connect to the Zimbra 5 server remotely. Last but not least, I will setting up and running Zimbra 8 on CentOS 6.5 as a virtual server accessible via VCenter.

Thank you for all your help!