Hi All,

I am using a ZCS 8.0.3 Open Source Edition. I wanted to limit the outgoing mails per time for one domain. So, i have enabled the cbpolicyd and made the settings by following the below link.

Postfix Policyd - Zimbra :: Wiki

Defined rate-limit (quota) with cbpolicyd:
sqlite> select * from quotas;
1|5|Recipient quotas|Recipient:user@domain|3600|REJECT||0||0
2|5|Quota on all /24s|SenderIP:/24|3600|REJECT||0||0
3|6|Sender:testing@kryptosone.in|Sender:testing@kryptosone.in|60|DEFER|Deferring: Too many messages from sender in last 60|0||0
sqlite> select * from quotas_limits;
After making the changes, I am not able to send mails from kryptosone.in domain and also from other domains. i am getting the error
"Message not sent; one or more addresses were not accepted.
Rejected addresses" .

I am very new to this settings. Please help me to make the clear settings.

Note: I didn't define any graylisting. Please tell me if it required to make my settings.

Thanks for your time. Please help me..