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Thread: Zimbra Network Edition perpetual license expired?!?!

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    Default Zimbra Network Edition perpetual license expired?!?!


    Anyone have any experience with this?
    The company i work for purchased a perpetual license a couple years back. Now it expired and we cannot add any new email accounts (seems to me, a perpetual license cannot expire).
    We renewed our support license a short while ago, and I have been calling various zimbra number for the pas 2 days. It seems impossible to speak to
    someone who works in technical support who can sort out what the hell went wrong with the license, all I get is sales people and the best they can do is open a support case and someone will get back to me.

    I just called the UK office and a answering machine picks up and says that office hours are between 9 am and 5:30 pm, current time in uk is 2pm. What the hell???

    Can anyone in the forum shed some light on this issue?
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