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Thread: Symlink wont work for backup directory

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    Question Symlink wont work for backup directory

    hi everyone,
    Im new here. and also new to Zimbra. Sorry if someone already post this topic.

    I have create symlink to make another dir for /opt/zimbra/backup.. the current dir was 100% full. i have pointing to the new dir to /mnt/iscsi/backup

    ln -s /mnt/iscsi/backup /opt/zimbra/
    then i restart the services using
    su zimbra
    zmcontrol restart
    then i went to admin console to create the immediate backup. but the process failed, it shows message:

    HTML Code:
    Error! Cannot write target path /opt/zimbra/backup! Error code: CSFE_SVC_ERROR Method: ZaBackupXWizard.prototype.createPath
    sorry i tried few times to upload the screenshot, but failed.

    my zimbra version: Release 6.0.8_GA_2661.RHEL5_20100820021155 RHEL5 NETWORK edition.

    hope somebody can help me, i've working for almost 24hours. Too much caffeine. and now already tired

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