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Thread: how to Backup zimbra 8.0.6 with an automated script

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    Unhappy how to Backup zimbra 8.0.6 with an automated script

    Good morning evryone !

    i am a beginer in the zimbra , and i just got a new job , unfortunatly the mission that they gave me is to maintain zimbra !!

    well , for the installation and the configuration it's don !! but i'm having a problem with the backup , i looked into the forum and i saw that a script can do that for me , without doing the backup every time manualy , actualy i'm havign aideas to do it using webmin , witha cron job , so her my probleme :

    i found a lot of scripts , but i dont know how to modify them , dont know how to launche them , i even dont know how to give them an access to be launched (chmod )in ubuntu server without the graphical interface please Help !!! i'm ina big trouble , am aving dreams about my server crashing witout me doing anything about it !!!!

    im installing the last release of zimbra (8.0.6) on a ubuntu 12.04 updated and upgrated on virtual Box last version 4.3.6.
    please if somone help me step by step this is realy new for me , realy big for a new job !!!!

    thanks every one , waiting for your replies !!!
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