I have 4 mailstore server, 2 Ldap Server, 2 MTA& proxy Server,. I want to configure it with 4800 Concurrent user (Total limit 20,000). Let me know how to do,
How many connections are required in http, imap, pop3 users in at server ?
zimbraHttpNumThreads ?
zimbraHttpSSLNumThreads ?
zimbraPop3NumThreads: ?
zimbraPop3MaxConnections: ?
zimbraImapNumThreads: ?
zimbraImapMaxConnections: ?
NIO is working well or not in Zimbra 8.0.3 & for which component
zimbraLmtpNumThreads ?

How to check how many SMTP Connection server can create for "incoming mail & out going mail" per sec. How to check SMTP Connections & How to modify ?