Good day to all,

i have an issue with my zimbra installation. I have it running on my local server and it seems to work fine but, when i try to setup some "equipments" or "locations" they don't appear in the search window while scheduling an appointment.
Here are the steps i do in order to create the resource:
  1. Log in into the admin console
  2. click on manage
  3. click on resources
  4. create the resources for example "room number 1" and "projector"
  5. log out the admin console
  6. then log in my user account and try to schedule an appointment adding a couple of participants and try to find the location i have just set up

Assuming i did alright the resource should show up while searching the location and the resource i have just created right? Well they never show up... during my tests i have created and deleted several equipments and resources trying different ways to set them up and now i have a different issue: Zimbra displays a piece of equipment that's not on the list anymore infact i have my "resources" page empty but when i search for an equipment in my the "search window" it shows up...

Would you guy enlighten me and please explain how do locations and resources work please?

thank you in advance