Hi all,
In three production environment with different zimbra open source editions (8.0.4, 8.0.5 and 7.2.5) we set a live_sync following this wiki

Server Live sync - Zimbra :: Wiki

all is up and running but in all the three slave we found some logs like

2013-12-11 00:57:43,953 ERROR [RedoPlayer-37] [] redolog - Unable to execute redo op: txn 1386688703.520825 [CreateMessage] ver=1.42, tstamp=1386719095510, change=4500, mailbox=13637, id=2640, rcpt=user@domain.com, rcvDate=1386719
095510, shared=false, blobDigest="9H2jZwWe5KlKDYypYT,O95ord22ScS7WOLRDaW KCCM0=", size=49720, dataLen=49720, folder=2, conv=-1, convFirstMsgId=-1, calItemPartStat=NE, noICal=false, flags=512, tags=[], bodyType=1, path=/opt/zimbra/store/inc
com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.MailServiceException: no such mailbox: 13637
Code:mail.NO_SUCH_MBOX ArgmboxId, IID, "13637")
at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.MailServiceException.NO_SUCH _MBOX(MailServiceException.java:155)
at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.MailboxManager.getMailboxByI d(MailboxManager.java:451)
at com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.MailboxManager.getMailboxByI d(MailboxManager.java:385)
at com.zimbra.cs.redolog.op.CreateMessage.redo(Create Message.java:482)
at com.zimbra.cs.redolog.RedoPlayer.redoOpWithMboxCon flict(RedoPlayer.java:366)
at com.zimbra.cs.redolog.util.ParallelRedoPlayer.acce ss$300(ParallelRedoPlayer.java:27)

Checking on master server

[zimbra@master ~]$ zmprov getMailboxInfo user@domain.com
mailboxId: 13637
quotaUsed: 4202067

but on slave we have

[zimbra@slave ~]$ zmprov getMailboxInfo user@domain.com
mailboxId: 15308
quotaUsed: 0

so live sync doesn't work for this account and for many others (like 10% of total)

and now.... questione time!

do you think it's possibile to change the mailbox id in slave to match the id in master zimbra? how can we eventually check for collision?