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Thread: Personal Distribution Lists

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    Default Personal Distribution Lists

    I've searched Bugzilla and the forums without success, so I hope this isn't a duplicate question / request.

    The new "Contact Group" feature allows information to be imported from existing contacts, but seems to keep a copy of that information, instead of referencing the contact itself. The side-effect of this that I am seeing is that changes to the original contacts do not propagate to any groups that they are in.

    Is this the intended behavior of the groups or would an enhancement/bug request be in order?


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    Default As intended, but...

    That's the intended functionality. If you'd like to file an enhancement request that it work as a reference rather than as a snapshot, please do.
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    As i'm interested with this feature, i created a RFE for this

    Please vote for it !!!

    And by the way, look at this one that may interest you also

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