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Thread: Zimbra 8.0.6 configure smtp relay with amazon SES

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    Default Zimbra 8.0.6 configure smtp relay with amazon SES

    Deal all,

    i have had some problems configuring Zimbra 8.0.6 with amazon SES acting as relay for my server. Finally this is the configuration that has work propertly:

    echo user: password > /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
    postmap hash:/opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
    zmlocalconfig -e postfix_smtp_sasl_password_maps=hash:/opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
    zmlocalconfig -e postfix_smtp_sasl_auth_enable=yes
    zmlocalconfig -e postfix_smtp_cname_overrides_servername=no
    zmlocalconfig -e postfix_smtp_use_tls=yes
    zmlocalconfig -e postfix_smtp_tls_security_level=may
    zmlocalconfig -e postfix_smtp_sasl_security_options=noanonymous
    postfix reload

    I hope this post would be usefull form some one like me searching for this solution.

    Best regards.
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