Hi Guys,

I'm just new here. I want to make a backup email server using MX record. I have existing email running on Ubuntu 10.0.4 with Zimbra Collaboration Suite 7.2.1. Everything is fine on the current server but a backup mail server is necessary for my disaster and recovery. I came about ZeXtras Migration Tool but it's a trial for 30 days. Does anyone have use and tried successfully this third party solution to migrate existing mail server to new server? I'm doing a cloning of my old mail server hard disk (main) to test on my email server backup but I get a non-working clone. I have a new hard disk used but it won't boot after a successful cloning. Tried the old hard disk to boot and it was okay meaning the source disk is really working.

I hope anyone can guide me how to use the ZeXtras Migration Tool to migrate existing live server to my email backup server? If done successful, configurations will be next to synchronize mailbox of main email server to backup server. Thank you.