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Thread: Can't edit Contact imported from Outlook CSV

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    Default Can't edit Contact imported from Outlook CSV

    A brief history of our installation:
    Open Source Version (zcs-3.1.0_GA_332.RHEL4.tgz) running on Cent OS. We have about 20 users (some running onlyPOP mail, a hand full running full web client with shared calendars). Tomcat had to be customized to support LifeRay which is also installed on that server. Most everything was running fine but there was a number of bugs that we were hoping the upgrade would take care of.

    Upgraded to 4.5.1 (zcs-4.5.1_GA_660.RHEL4.tgz) and had some strange issues ever since. This one in particular: Only the contacts that were previously imported from Outlook (via csv file) have the problem of not being able to "edit" those records. All the other Contacts that were added via the web interface are fine. When you click on the "edit" button, nothing happens whatsoever. It's like there are no priviledges to edit them...

    Also, I did test reimporting a new set of simplified Outlook Contacts from csv with the same results.
    Tested on multiple computers (Mac, Linux, Windows) with Firefox 2.0.1 and IE. Same result on all. It's definitely something on the server side. Log file analysis doesn't illuminate the issue either.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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