Hi all i want to share my experience with all.

I had a Zimbra 7.1.4 server installed on Ubuntu ( dont remember version, but old ) on a vmware virtual machine. He had 2 eth setted up ( lan and wan)
About 1 month ago statistics stopped and all server show red X on status ( but mail server function ok) so i tryied all possible solutions readed on this forum but noone solve the issue.
So i decided to migrate new server.
This is what i did:

- Create new vm with ubuntu 12.04 minimal (last version)
- Put down WAN on OLD server
- Export all domain and users with ZxMIG (backup migration)
- Install new Zimbra 8.0.6 to machine with new WAN up ( install few more package that zimbra8 needed and setup eth,hostname and dns like old server )
- When finished i put down wan on new server
- copy backup migration to new server with LAN and import with ZeXtras (free)
- Set few parameters on new Zimbra server ( Like RELAY etc.etc. )
- Put on WAN on new server
- All OK, stats and status function good

Only thing to remember ... all my POP3 users that save mails on server redownload them.
All this.

Sorry for bad english!