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Thread: crazy amount of spam - will zimbra ever get Razor and Pyzor?

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    Default crazy amount of spam - will zimbra ever get Razor and Pyzor?

    I've switched company from old boring but well working Blue Onyx with anti-spam package ( SUN Cobalt open source) server to Zimbra. Many useful features, but spam filtering features are premature and malnourished‎. Found old posts on adding Razor and Pyzor manually, but don't want to lose customizations when new upgrade comes, don't want to add any repos, not having good times with spamassasin config file, luck of current documentation etc...
    does network version differs from open source? any good write-ups on getting spam under control?

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    I have the same experience - did you turn on the RBLs? That will cut it down a bit. I also noticed that spam assassin does not update. That's disabled upon install, however when I turn on spam updates, it stores the files in the wrong folder so I have to move them to the proper folder.

    Check out these links:

    SpamAssassin Customizations - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Zimbra and SpamAssassin

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    verticon: Not sure what you mean by it stores them in the wrong folder... It stores the updates exactly where they are supposed to be. Specifically it stores them in /opt/zimbra/conf/spamassassin/updates_spamassassin_org, which SA knows to read from based on its configuration.
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