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Thread: Shut off Virus reports

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    Question Shut off Virus reports

    Hey guys,

    I get a message at my admin account every time a virus is found in an incoming message. How to turn that off? I wanna still get the daily mail report but no virus reports.


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    Set a filter for that email and discard it?


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    I guess you have your reasons *but*, I really hope you are not sending virus alerts to users .......

    Assuming you are not, how will you know when I virus breaks out in your office, workplace, etc.,etc. ???

    I have a rule setup for my entire server to trash any virus alerts coming in to my domain from the Internet, as most of those message are spoofed ( forged headers/bogus reply-to e-mail ). Only my admin/postmaster account gets virus messages and only from my own clamav scanner on my server.

    IOW, probably not a good idea to do what you are asking.
    YMMV and TEHO though.

    Anyway, just my .02 worth.
    ( stepping off soapbox now....... ;-) )


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