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    Exclamation [SOLVED] Soap issue?

    Recently, we had to recover from a pretty nasty outage. The road to recovery included restoring the VM, restoring snapshots of the mysql database, recovering from an old ldap backup etc.

    My system setup is:
    RHEL 5.8 32bit

    I finally have the system to where users can login and see their old mail. However, anytime I try to do anything from the admin interface, I get the following error message, which I can't seem to find anywhere on the forums...

    Message: system failure: exception execution command: zmserverips with {RemoteManager:>} Error code: service.FAILURE Details:soap:Receiver
    (FYI - the correct server name does appear in the error - I replaced it with

    Unfortunately, I can not copy and paste logs, as the system is unable to connect to the internet.

    I've made sure that the zimbraRemoteXXX settings are correct.

    zmprov gafc |grep Remote
    zimbraRemoteManagementCommand: /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmrcd
    zimbraRemoteManagementPort: 22
    zimbraRemoteManagementPrivateKeyPath: /opt/zimbra/.ssh/zimbra_identity
    zimbraRemoteManagementUser: zimbra
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. If there is a particular log file that I can search through for any kind of message, please let me know.


    Since I was unable to find the exact error message that I posted above, I thought I'd update you all with my solution. I walked through a new installation, and the error was reproducible - so I figured it had to be something with the system itself. After restoring my snapshot from before I re-ran the install (meaning you do not need to run a new install to fix this issue), I decided to reset the zimbra linux user's password, and I also ran the zmupdateauthkeys command (as zimbra), and everything worked fine from there on out.

    Thanks to Amit for leading me down the right path on this one.
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