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Thread: Disaster Recovery Restore of Zimbra on Apple OS X

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    Default Disaster Recovery Restore of Zimbra on Apple OS X


    We running v4.5.1 on Apple OS X (Network edition) (OS X 10.4.8 Intel)

    Has any one with Zimbra running on OS X done a backup and restore and it worked?

    1) We backed up /opt/zimbra/backup
    2) uninstalled Zimbra
    3) Reinstalled
    4) Followed the Zimbra Admin manual to restore all users and mailboxes

    The restore of the users worked, however no mailboxes/messages were restored. We have tried this twice but still no luck.

    Has anyone else tested the backup and complete restore and it worked under Apple OS X?


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    Default Yes, it's been tested quite a bit

    It's been tested in the lab and in the field. I'd strongly suggest opening a support ticket -- the support guys should be able to sort out what's different about your situation and resolve your problems.
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    Default We have tested DR of OSX server running Zimbra

    We use Zimbra backup obviously but also tested using SuperDuper and we were able to get DR box up and running with drive created with SuperDuper.

    OSX Booted fine, DNS came up, Zimbra services started ok, access to accounts both via webmail and with Outlook connector also worked.

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