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    Default Spam Configuration

    I have enabled SpamAssassin on both Zimbra Community and Network editions as my clients have indicated they are getting an increase in spam. I entered the commands:

    zmlocalconfig -e antispam_enable_rule_updates=true
    zmlocalconfig -e antispam_enable_restarts=true

    The updates now run however they are not put in the proper folder it appears. There are updates in the /opt/zimbra/conf/spamassassin folder however the updates are put into the updates_spamassassin_org folder. How can I point Zimbra to the updates folder? Right now I have to daily look into the folder and move them across. I would script this but I don't want things breaking as part of an update later.

    Also I have enabled policyd, dspam, sa-updates and RBLs but still getting bloody pfizer and insurance emails flowing through. I have set my spam capture settings lower (66 and 25%) but they are still getting through. Any other suggestions? My clients are not wanting to run a specialized server for spam filtering especially the ones paying for the network edition and they are getting rather frustrated. Some have migrated from iRedMail where they received zero spam messages for years.

    Secondly, anyone have any luck with a greylisting implementation?

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    You don't point Zimbra at the updates folder, they are automatically pulled in.

    I suggest reading over SpamAssassin Customizations - Zimbra :: Wiki to improve SA scoring
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