Hi All,

Recently I have just upgrade Zimbra from 7.2.4 to 8.0.6 FOSS and I have other email account mounted in my mail email account. I am using Firefox 27.0.1 and when browsing on the mount email account, when I clicked on a message with alot of other emails, I get the following error message:

Out of RPC cache
method: AjxRpc._getFreeRpcC.txt
msg: Out of RPC cache
code: AjxException OUT_OF_RPC_CACHE
detail: SearchConvRequest<br>GetMsgRequest<br>GetMsgReques t<br>

After a while, the error message change to GetMsgRequest Error, CSFE_SVC_ERROR 503.

Are they somehow link to the DoSFilter? I tried to change to HTML mode (the GUI looks ugly) and I do not have this issue.