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Thread: DNS problems when installing Zimbra

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    Default DNS problems when installing Zimbra

    I have such a problem. I have locoal domain with Windows 2008 (company.local). We have external mail system provided by ISP (i.e., which we want to use, too. Now I want to set zimbra system for tests as DNS settings are done thru ISP panel. When I am setting zimbra in domain company.local, then adding second domain ( via admin console, everything's working, we are getting mails from internet to i.e. But it then impossible to bind users' passwords from Active Directory to Zimbra (it only works for company.local). How can I fix it?

    Second situation: after reinstall I set zimbra domain as But at install stage I have errors with no MX records for domain
    When I look zimbra.log, mail system is getting mails from world, but not forwarding to mailboxes. Sending of mails is possible. How can I fix it?

    Best regards, P.
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