I've been struggling since yesterday with this error in my nginx logs (2 nginx + 1 LDAP/Store).

2014/03/21 10:16:14 [error] 9690#0: *2 zmauth: route handler sent route, client:, server: ngingx1.mydomain.lab, request: "GET /home/prueba3@zimbra.cat/Notebook?language=en&t=1395393385736 HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: ""

I wasn't able to find any wiki nor post in the forums that helped me with this.

What I've tried to do to solve this is:
- Verify hosts file
- Redeploy certificates and CA
- UPdate authkeys
- Clear memcached
- Verify public service name
- Reconfigured both proxies and targets to work in a proxied enviroment

I'm trying to move the infrastructure from 1 MTA+1LDAP/Store to 2MTA+1LDAP/Store. Where I add 1 MTA and REPLACE the previous LDAP with a new one. For doing this, I first add the new LDAP as a replica, move all my mailboxes to the new server, promote it as a master and then removed the old one. After doing all that, I keep on having that error in my nginx logs.

At this point I'm running Zimbra NE 6.0.5 over RedHat 5.5 64bits. Upgrade is not an option at this particular moment.

Any ideas why this happens? Please help. It is a lab enviroment where I have snapshots, so any suggestion is going to be tested and is more than welcome.