A little background

I have multiple Email domains setup on my company's Zimbra server, say abc.com xyz.com etc.
One of the mail domains setup on the server (xyz.com) actually has its mail service hosted by Google apps so whenever a mail is send to xyz.com from any domain other than the ones hosted on the Zimbra server, it is delivered to our company's Gmail account where users can login via Gmail and check it.

Now the problem arises when a user on abc.com (hosted on the zimbra server) tries sending mail to another user on xyz.com, instead of delivering the mail to the mail account @Google, Zimbra delivers the mail to the local mailbox of that user.
My question is, can I somehow bypass the local mailbox so whenever any Email domain on the server sends mail to xyz.com then instead of delivering it locally to that user's mailbox Zimbra delivers it to the mail domain hosted by Google?