hi zimbra expert,
hello im new in zimbra. i have a problem. here is my problem

1. i want to clear mailbox content for some account but failed.
i use this command: "zmmailbox -z -m [user] emptyFolder /Inbox, but some user still have email on their Inbox folder.
i also try manually delete from zimbra web client then i can erase some of the message but some other as if refuse to be deleted. unfortunately manual delete from web client does not change the mailbox usage and mail message count.

2. the unread information also is not correct. the unread flag showing that the folder still have unread message even though the folder is already empty.

for both this problem i already try reindex using zmprov rim [user] and from zimbraAdmin. no error when i use cli but when i use zimbraAdmin console there is error CSFE_SVC_ERROR

any suggestion or solving..