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Thread: Zimbra with Encryption

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    Could anyone suggest an external encryption solution that would work fine with Zimbra Network Edition? I need to be HIPAA compliant (which most solutions are). What I'm looking for is a solution that would keep the encrypted message on my premises and the receiver would read the encrypted message using a webmail like interface. I know there are plenty of solutions out there but I'm time constrained and I can't test all of them. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks.


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    We have a few people who need to send and receive encrypted mail and ended up going with Thunderbird with the EnigMail plugin (

    A getting started guide is here:

    Note: you won't be able to view the encrypted messages within the Zimbra web client, you will need Thunderbird. When I last checked a few months ago, options for encrypted mail within the zimbra client were still poor.
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    NE includes S/MIME support for encrypted email.
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