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Thread: High ping / high latency on WAN when zimbra 8.0.6 running on VMWARE 5.5 / Slow email

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    Unhappy High ping / high latency on WAN when zimbra 8.0.6 running on VMWARE 5.5 / Slow email

    I just did a migration from Zimbra 7 to Zimbra 8.0.6 onto a new server.

    New Server > VMWARE 5.5 > Ubuntu 12.04LTS > Zimbra 8.0.6
    8GB memory available (using like 1.5GB)
    3.0GHz availible (using like 150MHz)
    Have 400GB space, with 200GB allocated to the Ubuntu install RAID 1+0
    Nic0 > for VMhost
    nic1 > For the Ubuntu and Zimbra install

    I set it up with BIND at first, then did the migration and removed bind and went through and setup everything properly i believe. the email is working, just its slow, especially when connecting with imap to Outlook. Slow like 30+ second to open an email. it sometimes works faster, then slow again, but overall its really bad.

    We have DUAL WAN and the one WAN has 5 static ip's > 1 of those ip's goes directly to the Zimbra server.

    For some reason when i'm doing pings (from outside our LAN) they start low like 50ms, then jump up high like 800ms, and this is confirmed only when Zimbra is actually running. It causes all those 5 static IPS on the 2nd WAN to start to have HIGH ping at the same time. # zmcontrol stop and it all goes away.

    Anyone have any insight into this? I have been searching and reading stuff for the last 6 hours, so i have tried! Im about ready to try redoing it with no VMware, but I'm not even sure that's the problem.

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    EDIT: Well its all working great today. Not sure why but im going to install Ubuntu and zimbra with no VMWARE on the new server and see if it works as well.

    <strike>I just installed it all fresh on a different machine and transferred over the backup and its still runing slow with high pings, really weird.</strike>
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