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Thread: Problem sending mail from additional/secondary external identity/persona.

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    Unhappy Problem sending mail from additional/secondary external identity/persona.


    I've just integrated Zimbra colab. foss edition for my small office.
    In general everything is running pretty well and suit is extremely useful.
    It become much better since I used it first time in 2008.

    There is one vital problem.
    I'm adding additional external account into my preferences "Accounts".
    Testing it's settings successfully.
    Then doing "Save" preferences which tests external account setting again with success.
    Then I'm trying to send email from this identity by choosing "From" account in drop down menu in compose window.

    And here is problem: received email still has my primary account email shown in "From" field.

    I do receive emails on this external account normally, they falling into own folder indicated in account settings.

    While trying to configure Persona with new email address from this external account, there is no such email in drop-down list for "From" config.
    Only mail in list is email from my primary account.

    Both accounts are registred on same and my only Zimbra server.
    Both accounts are active and can be accessed separately by webmail.

    Using Zimbra 8.0.7 webmail only with Chrome, Firefox (IE11, Opera as well)

    Hope there is some solution or it's known bug or i'm doing something wrong (even after reading all the docs).

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    Always ready to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raunaq View Post
    "wow! how could I overlook this one of the best zimbra features. such flexibility."... doh...

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