I was trying to upgrade my clamav0.88.7 to clam-0.90 but it gave error during configure. My zimbra uid is 1165 & gid 1041. So I ran following command :-

./configure --prefix=/opt/zimbra/clamav-0.90/ --with-user=1165 --with-group=1041

I am giving here last few lines :-

checking for zlib installation... /usr
checking for inflateEnd in -lz... yes
checking for bzReadOpen in -lbz2... no
checking bzlib.h usability... yes
checking bzlib.h presence... yes
checking for bzlib.h... yes
checking for sn_sigscan_initdb in -lsn_sigscan... no
checking for __dn_expand in -lresolv... yes
checking for resolv.h... yes
checking whether setpgrp takes no argument... yes
checking for __gmpz_init in -lgmp... yes
checking for curl >= 7.10.0... FAILED
configure: WARNING: curl-config was not found
checking for recvmsg... yes
checking for sendmsg... yes
checking for msg_accrights field in struct msghdr... no
checking for msg_control field in struct msghdr... yes
checking for gethostbyname_r... yes, and it takes 6 arguments
checking for readdir_r... support disabled
checking for ctime_r... yes, and it takes 2 arguments
checking for socklen_t... yes
checking for 1165 in /etc/passwd... no
configure: error: User 1165 (and/or group 1041) doesn't exist. Please read the documentation !

User 1165 & group 1041 exists for zimbra, and months back, I had updated clamav.88.4 to clamav.88.7 using this method. Following command reflects this :
[root@mailserver1 /]# id zimbra
uid=1165(zimbra) gid=1041(zimbra) groups=1041(zimbra),5(tty),1042(postfix)

I wonder why it is unable to find user in /etc/passwd. Can anyone help me ?