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Thread: Palm Sync question

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    Question Palm Sync question

    I am currently evaluating Zimbra network edition to run on a new email server I am working on bringing online, and am running into one issue I've not yet managed to work out. I have several users that are currently using older (not wireless) palm devices, keeping their contacts and calendars through Palm Desktop. They would really like to be able to sync their handhelds with Zimbra so they can share the data.

    Is there a way to do this? I've seen zimbra mobile, but it seems to focus on over-the-air synchronization, which my users can't do. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Unhappy Why the delay?

    This post has received no answers since February...
    What does that say about the [old] palm stuff? I've got 25 around that I have to support. HMMM!

    (and OUTLOOK is not a solution for me...)
    There was another post where someone suggested versamail and softick PPP...

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    We dont' offer anything for older palm devices. Any sync that is done will have to be done through a 3rd party.

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