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Thread: Spam training from Outlook

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    Default Spam training from Outlook

    I am seeing that if I have my Outlook junk filter on, it automatically places what it considers junk mail into my junk folder and syncs that operation with the Zimbra server.

    If I switch to the web interface, I see all that junk mail in that folder, and Zimbra's icons allow me to mark them as NOT junk, but by virtue of the mail being in the junk folder in the first place, I cannot mark them as Junk again (perhaps the junkiest of the junk)?

    Kidding aside - does Zimbra recognize that the mail Outlook places in the Junk folder is considered junk and therefor shared with the Bayesian filter - or does the fact that the 'not junk' icon appears a deceptive error requiring flogging of programmers?

    IOW - do I need to do something in addition to what outlook is already doiing in order to train the Zimbra spam filter? Does that simple fact of marking an item as Junk in Outlook (thereby moving the message to the Junk folder) do everything that needs to be done?

    And if not - why not? It doesn't seem to be a bad way of handling things...

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    Currently there is no integration of outlook's spam handling and zimbra'
    s spam handling.

    This is filed as enhancement request 12768.
    Sam Khavari

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