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Thread: Add a new objectClass with a new attribute on new user creation

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    Default Add a new objectClass with a new attribute on new user creation


    Let me expose you my problem :

    I have a running Zimbra 7.2.2 on CentOS 6.5 with LDAP, posixaccount and samba enabled.

    I also have a freeradius server running on Debian Wheezy using Zimbra LDAP to authenticate users on my Wifi router.

    In order to authorize the access to my wifi router to my Zimbra Users, each user need a new objectClass radiusprofile with a new attribute dialupAccess = access_attr which I add using zmprov.
    (I know I can disable this security in my radius config but I wanna keep it)

    So i'd like to know if there is a way to add this attribute dialupAccess on the creation of a new user, like a sort of script who does this, or is it in the Zimbra LDAP configuration files ?

    It would be even better if this attribute can be set at the creation of a new user using my web interface, like sambaDomain and posixAccount does it, but I guess you need a Zimlet for this.

    Any help would be appreciated !

    Julien D.
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