I'm running Zimbra 7.2.2 on CentOS 6.5, with samba LDAP + posixaccount installed, so when I create a new user from the Zimbra Administrator Console, it asks me in which sambaDomain and PosixGroup I want to add him in.

I also have a freeradius server running on the same machine as my zimbra server, it uses Zimbra LDAP to authenticate users to the wifi router, everything works fine.
My radius server uses the attribute sambaNtPassword in the Zimbra LDAP to check the user password.

I've just discovered a problem, when a user logs into Zimbra using the Zimbra Web Client and changes his password, the password is updated in Zimbra, but when this user tries to log in on the wifi router which uses radius authentification (check on sambaNtPassword), the password is NOT updated so he cannot log on the wifi router with his NEW password.

This is a real problem, i've read a lot of threads and stuff on this, apparently when a user changes is password, it doesn't change it in the LDAP, and the radius auth check fails.

So with my setup, users cannot change their password, they have to contact the administrator so he can do the change via the Zimbra Administrator Console, from there the changes are written on the LDAP and it works...

Also, is the Zimbra LDAP considered as an external LDAP ? I've seen zimlets such as ADPassword | Zimbra :: Gallery who allows users to change their password, but I don't think i'm using Active Directory..

Any help would be appreciated

Julien D.