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    Default postfix configuration [solved]


    I need to address the issue of having zimbra accounts named like 'uid@domain' associated to mail addresses like givenName.lastname@domain.

    I've built an alias file from our global ldap server with entries like this :
    givenName.lastname: uid

    I've tried to change the postfix parameter 'alias_maps' but it does not seem to be the right place for this. I wondered if I could get it working by changing "virtual_alias_maps".

    I've read the change should be done upon /opt/zimbra/conf/ but what should the change consist of ?

    Right now, there is this in /opt/zimbra/conf/
    POSTCONF virtual_alias_maps      LOCAL postfix_virtual_alias_maps
    I need to get this as a final result in postfix/conf/ :

    virtual_alias_maps = ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/ ,
    Does anyone have an idea to help me on this ?

    Thanks in advance,

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